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Now is the perfect time to get involved with the concrete industry’s Strategic Development Council. This group of industry leaders is guiding the way to unite engineers, contractors, producers, manufacturers, and customers to facilitate the advancement of concrete technology in a way that results in improved industry efficiency and quality that benefits all.

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A special 1-Day Concrete Contractor's Visioning Workshop took place before Technology Forum #39. Topics included: defining and improving in-place quality, improving workplace productivity, and improving industry promotion and perception.

SDC announced a donation matching campaign to support funding for the next phase of developing industry standards for Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems. SDC will commit up to $100,000 for this project by matching dollar-for-dollar commitments in support of Phase 3 of ongoing research to develop industry standards for exchanging digital information for cast-in-place concrete. These standards, known as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), are open, international standard data models for exchange of data in BIM and will permit interoperability among current and future software platforms and programs.

Vision 2020 has released Goal #14 -- Branding and Promotion of the Repair Industry. The term “repair” tends to be perceived negatively, even within the concrete industry. Outside the concrete industry, other industries have crafted more positive terminology, such as auto 'maintenance'. Vision 2020 has charged a task group to investigate how best to rebrand the concrete repair industry, incorporating a more unified message and terminology that invokes a more positive response. If you want to be involved with the Branding & Promotion Task Group, please contact the Vision 2020 Chair K. Nam Shiu at nam.shiu@walkerrestoration.com / 312-633-4262 or Goal #14 Task Group Chair Narendra Gosain at ngosain@walterpmoore.com / 713-630-7344.

"Opportunities from Alternative Cementitious Materials” was recently published in Concrete International Magazine.  The article highlights the work being done to encourage the use of new and more sustainable cements.  SDC’s Accelerated Technology Implementation (ATI) team on alternative cementitious materials (ACM) is helping the industry develop specifications and design guides for the use of ACMs and working to close the gap on industry acceptance.

An article about the “Quality of Prepackaged Powdered Materials Used in Construction” was published in Concrete International Magazine in the Spring of 2014.  The article detailed industry wide quality issues being faced by prepackaged powdered materials and offered strategies to address them. One of those strategies was the creation of guide specifications, which is currently underway.  If you would like to provide input or are interested in being part of the team, please contact Peter Emmons pemmons@structural.net

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