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Concrete Floor Moisture Issue

Failure of moisture-sensitive floor coverings placed on concrete floors continues to be a major issue in the concrete, flooring, and construction industries with an estimated cost of remediation on the order of $1M - $2M per week. Because of the need for improvements in this area, the Strategic Development Council commissioned the development of a document entitled “Guide for Concrete Floors to Receive Moisture-Sensitive Floor Coverings.” The document is the current body of knowledge on the subject and provides recommendations for design and installation of concrete floors to receive moisture sensitive floor coverings.

This SDC project evolved from an initial Inter-Industry Working Group on Concrete Floor Issues in Spring of 2003. The working group was organized by Construction Technologies Laboratories and co-sponsored by the American Society of Concrete Contractors, Hanley-Wood LCC, and the Strategic Development Council to provide a forum for interested parties to improve concrete floor performance. Participants included representatives from ten flooring and flooring contractor trade associations and eight construction-related technical societies and trade associations, as well as manufactures of underlayments, floor coverings, flooring adhesives, and concrete finishing equipment. Architects, engineers, contractors, testing firms, and materials producers were all represented.

Because of the involvement of SDC on this project, ACI document 302.2R-06: Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials, was published in Fall 2006. With the SDC’s support, development of the report was fast-tracked from concept to final product and took an unprecedented 23 months. And most importantly, no step of the ACI Committee Consensus process was short-cut.